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17 Apr 2013. These setback requirements include distances from the septic tank and the drainfield from foundations, pools, property lines, water wells, etc. Some homeowners, whether accidentally or deliberately, build items like patio decks or home extensions over their systems. This can lead to greater expenses when .

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It should be slightly above the surrounding ground so that rainwater won't stand on the surface. Take into consideration the thickness of your paving stone and make sure to leave an extra 6" for your sand and gravel foundation. The secret to a long-lasting patio lies in a good base for the pavers. The thickness of your base .

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Installing Deck Flooring on a Cement Patio. My husband Harrison and I have wanted to change out our patio floor since the day we bought the house. Ripping up concrete and building a deck seemed like a daunting and expensive task, so when we saw NewTechWood Deck-A-Floor, we thought it would be absolutely .

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9 Apr 2015. With some decent weather, a deck can almost become an extra room for your house during the summer months. Decking is generally easier to install than paving, and can be used to hide a variety of sins in the garden. It can be laid over an existing concrete patio without having to dig it up and, with a bit of .

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Easily install a stone paver deck on a new or repaired wood frame deck. The construction project shows how pavers can now be used on wood frames opening a world of possibilities for homeowners.

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1 Jan 2008. When you lay pavers — whether natural stone or cast concrete — on the ground, you typically install them on a bed of 6 inches of compacted crushed stone that's topped with a 1-inch layer of sand. The sand is used to fine-tune the elevation as the pavers are placed. Once the pavers are set, you brush .

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21 Apr 2016. Decking is an easier structure to build in general, which means construction will be a much faster process. It has a natural façade and can be installed on sloping or non-uniform terrains. When choosing between decking or paving, consider that decking materials tend to be more affordable than paving .

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16 Nov 2013. Decking is slightly sneered at by the style icons of the garden. I wonder why? While painted and distressed woodwork, pretend survivors of storm and tempest, dominates chic and centrally heated living rooms, you rarely see the real thing outside. On the patio, concrete paving rules. You could argue that .

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My husband and I have been thinking about installing a deck or patio, but we haven't decided which one would be best for us. You made a good point about easy maintenance if you choose good quality paving. We both have a busy schedule, so I don't think we should spend money on something we wouldn't be able to .

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27 Jul 2014. Even if you choose high-end materials, the labour required to install a deck is less, helping to reduce your overall cost. • Installation is also a big benefit for choosing a deck. The way a deck is built allows you more creativity in location. The actual structure is built above the ground. This means that tree roots, .

Building a Patio Over Buried Utility Lines

Utility lines run underneath pavement, streets, and sidewalks all the time; but when installing a new patio or deck, it's very important to make sure you do it safely to avoid damaging any existing lines. If you have utility lines running through your yard, follow these tips: Plan Carefully: If you're pouring footings or digging holes .