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Typically, this fence is installed with 1X6" dog ear pickets with a 4" space. The pickets on one side of the fence are installed so that the 6" picket covers the 4" space on the other side. If you look straight on at this fence, it looks solid.

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A shadow box fence is ideal for anyone who wants their share of privacy without walling off their compound from the rest of the world. On an average, the materials for building this fence could cost anywhere between $1,150 to $1,600, depending on the quality.

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A shadow box fence has spaces between the pickets to allow air to pass through, but the pickets on the opposite side of the fence line up with the gaps to block the view. As you walk along the fence, you might see grass or a bit of your neighbor's house, but enough of the view is blocked to provide privacy. Use dog-eared or flattop pickets for the fence.

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A shadowbox fence is a type of wood enclosure that is popular for its aesthetic value. Red cedar and treated pine wood are typically used in its creation. Cedar pickets and rails are generally recommended over pine wood since they are less likely to warp or bow.

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If you are building a long fence, or the ground rolls up and down too much for a linear fence, you will have use more than two temporary posts. Next, figure how many fence posts you will need with the assumption that they should be spaced a maximum of 8 ft on center. I needed 9 posts evenly spaced at about 7 feet.

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A shadow box is a composite wooden fence made up of a . They allow a variable level of privacy that can be modified depending on the owner's preferences.. [ Contact US] Build a Shadowbox Privacy Fence - Extreme How To. May 1, 2009 . We opted to build a wood shadowbox privacy fence from the ground up, which . Fence materials range from metal and wood to vinyl and... [ Contact US] 6 ft. x 8 ft. Pressure-Treated Pine Shadowbox Fence Panel-118830 .

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Picket fences will generally have two rails, with evenly spaced pickets on one side of the fence. They range in height from 3' to 4'. Shadowbox fences will have three rails, with evenly spaced pickets on two sides of the fence. Shadowbox fences feature a picket on one side placed alternately to a picket on the opposing side. They are typically 6' tall.

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Add the slat or picket spacing to the width of each one, then divide this number into the total length of the fence to find the number of slats or pickets you need. For example, if you're using 6-inch slat, which is 5 1/2 inches wide, and you're spacing them by 1/2 inch, you need 400 of them for a 200-foot fence.

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Line up each picket so that it is at 90 degree angle to each backer rail and is 6" above the top surface of the upper backer rail. Using 1-3/4" screws attach pickets to the backer rail, 2 screws into each backer rail . From the right edge of the first picket measure over 5-1/4" and attach the 2nd picket.