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Paint cinder blocks in laundry room- a light color. Cinder blocks, also called concrete blocks, are a durable but rather industrial-looking material for walls. Whether used for an outdoor garden wall or as an interior basement wall, paint provides one .

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19 Nov 2012. Can be slow to get going, but spreads up to 33 feet once it has. This one's a twiner, and as such, will need a trellis or trellis fence section or three to twine around. Alternatively, wires strained between eyes which are inserted into the concrete for support, but this method usually means you have to do a bit of .

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Hello,. I am looking for advice re the design of my garden . i would like to keep as much grass as possible as I have 2 young children. 1st question. As you can see I am unfortunate to have 4 unsightly walls fences joining up. It's like a concrete grey jungle. .I try my best not too look .

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What we are talking about here is covering ugly cement blocks so they will have a more aesthetically pleasing look. Here's a simple way to mix. When the mixture is ready, lay down some drop cloths . If you are working in an area .

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Other Ways To Hide A Cinder Block Wall. In addition to the links I've included above, here are some other tips for covering a cinder block wall: How To Cover A Concrete Wall With Stone Veneer · A Cheap Way To Disguise A Cinder Block Wall · Using Textured Paint On Concrete Block · How To Parge The Ugly Out Of A .

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Find and save ideas about Concrete block retaining wall on Pinterest.. Building a Concrete-block Retaining Wall - Building Masonry Walls - Patios, Walkways, Walls Masonry.. This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to hide—and beautify—an ugly concrete-block retaining wall with a trellis.

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21 Jun 2014. In this situation, there were pipes on the wall so wallpaper or tiles weren't an option. The pegboard also maximized storage because she was able to hang shelves easily. 22. Camouflage an oddly placed light switch plate with a photo gallery. ourfifthhouse · Share On facebook Share · Share On .

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28 Nov 2010. If you are finishing a basement, or if you live in a house that is built entirely of concrete blocks, you may be faced with the unsightly presence of an interior wall made of exposed concrete blocks. Covering up these blocks will greatly improve the aesthetics of your interior living space. There are several ways .

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10 Jun 2005. This is my ugly cinder block wall :) The previous owners had done a terrible job of painting it off white. My entire yard is done in Terra Cotta. Exterior latex paint. Dosen't suck up anymore paint than painting a house. This is my side Topiary garden in Periwinkle blue :) Like Bookmark July 3, 2005 at 11:20AM.