what is better wood or composite plantation shutters

what is better wood or composite plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are interior wood . Are wood shutters better than composite wood shutters . Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of composite wood shutters. They have become an affordable option for plantation shutter look.

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Composite shutters. Composite shutters are produced more quickly than wood shutters. Composite shutters can be made within two to three weeks in most applications. Composite shutters are impervious to water making them the perfect choice for shower and bath surrounds and windows without glass.

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Even if your windows are smaller than 29 inches in width, many large vinyl plantation shutters require divider rails or other support members that may interfere with the traditional look of the shutters. If you have large windows, stick to wood plantation shutters to avoid problems with sagging or bending louvers.

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Composite. The look one usually goes for with plantation shutters is wood, because wood looks nice, is known for its durability, and brings a rich feel into any space. Composite shutters are known as engineered wood because – you guessed it – they are designed to look exactly like wood when in fact they’re not.

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Composite shutters are heavier than solid wood shutters. Composite shutters are not as stiff as their solid wood counter parts. Materials such as wood and aluminum are often added inside of the composite parts to help stiffen and support composite shutters. Composite shutters are available in solid colors only. Since there is not a “grain” in composite materials, there would not be a reason to stain the material.

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For many years shutters were made from only wood. Things have now changed and the use of composite shutters has greatly risen. Composite shutters are shutters made from a mix of PVC and wood. In some cases the shutters are made from a fibreglass mix.

How to Compare Wood and Vinyl Plantation Shutters Home .

When it comes to vinyl plantations shutters, what you see is what you get. These shutters come in a limited variety of neutral shades, and can't be painted, stained or refinished. Wood plantation shutters, on the other hand, come in a large variety of species, finishes and colors.