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Should I Build a Low Level Deck Over an Existing

This means you will be laying decking boards literally on top of the concrete pad, resulting in potential problems. If you remove the existing patio or concrete slab, you will have an added 5" to build your deck! The added 5" makes building a wood deck possible - if you do it right along with a little bit of additional work. But first .

Deck and Cover! - * View Along the Way *

The plan was for my dad and Andy to work together over one weekend to build the deck, but one weekday while Andy was at work, my dad showed up with a. Because we were building right on top of concrete, there was no need to mix and add cement footings under the wood, and this was a pretty straightforward project.

Covering a concrete stoop with wood -

21 Sep 2013. We have a 72" X 42" concrete stoop with four steps that we would like to cover with a wood floor and new railings.. Having said that, here's a how to for installing a deck over the steps: . . I would build it like a deck and while you're at it, add the railings into the build, widen it, to whatever you would like.

Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete One: 6 Steps

Since our concrete was in good condition and would offer a solid base we decided to keep it and just cover it all with wood. Building a wooden deck this way does offer the advantage of not needing to worry about digging foundations, putting in joists, etc, but you do have to worry about the proper slope of the concrete porch, .

Looking to Build a Deck over a Concrete

21 Jul 2015. As the wood absorbs this excess heat and humidity, it will twist, warp, and cup. Fortunately, there's a great alternative to removing the concrete pad and building a deck with joists and posts: Advantage Deck Tiles™. These tiles are made specifically for installations directly over a flat surface such as .

How to Install Capped Composite Decking Over

5 Nov 2016. If you have a concrete patio that you want to transform into a more beautiful and impactful outdoor space, installing capped composite decking over the. Of course, before you begin building your floating deck, you should always check with your local zoning commission to find out if there are any special .

Build a Front Deck Over Your Concrete

15 Jun 2015. Decks are popular backyard features, but they also make for dramatic front entries. Instead of removing those concrete front steps, save some time by building a wood deck over and around them.

Wooden deck over concrete - Mr. Money Mustache

11 Feb 2014. Wooden deck over concrete.. The wife wants a wooden deck to cover the ugly concrete patio in the backyard, so naturally I want to take this on myself after reading this blog for awhile. . . Without knowing the climate and local building code, we can't determine if anchoring and tie downs are required.

Install a Ground-level deck over a concrete

Install a ground-level deck over a concrete patio.. The sleeper system enables adequate drainage and ventilation which, in turn, protects the deck boards from damage due to moisture build-up. Sleepers also. Pressure treated wood and recycled plastic lumber are both considered excellent choices for durable sleepers.