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Planters. Portable or fixed, our planters help provide a natural enhancement to indoor and outdoor spaces. A range of waterproof, robust and vandal-resistant containers that are perfect for all types of flowers, shrubs and bushes. They can be matched with complementary benches and tables in the same style to create .

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Plastic and paper-fibre pots and trays, including those for seedlings, vegetable plants, and bedding plants are included in a province-wide recycling program managed by Recycle BC. Many residents who recieve curbside recycling collection through their city or municipality can put these containers into their household .

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28 Apr 2015. If you'll be hanging these outside, you can plant small tomatoes, hot peppers, and even squash! Just make sure to top up the soil of outdoor plants so they don't get depleted as they grow their fruits or vegetables. bottle planters, recycled bottle planters, hanging planters, diy planters, how to make .

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31 Jul 2015. But once all your plants are in place, you are left with the plastic pots used to transport your plants home. And although this is years away, you will eventually have to dispose of broken, rotted or dated planting containers as well. Planting containers can be challenging to recycle because they are made with .

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25 Feb 2011. An estimated 500 million plastic plant pots are in circulation every year, and they just got a bit harder to recycle – Wyevale has dropped its pot recycling service at all 120 of its stores. Lorrie Robertson, Marketing Director of The Garden Centre Group, told us: 'We ran a flower .

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2 Apr 2012. This project involves making small planters from yogurt containers. This is probably the easiest project ever, because involves a simple plastic food container which is thrown away as soon as is empty. To make it look special, spray paint it or apply models on it and let it dry, then simply plant your herbs.

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9 Apr 2014. Thank you Greg. Russell Bowman • 2 years ago. Can any one mention what brand names to search for to buy composite wood and plastic planter elements? Greg Seaman • 2 years ago. Composite wood and recycled plastic raised beds and planters are available at Eartheasy: eartheasy yard-g.

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Normally for garden centers and nurseries, these are the best quality pots on Amazon. The thick, recycled, high-grade, polypropylene plastic is designed to eliminate brittleness and enhance flexibility.These pots are durable and reusable, year after year. Just the right amount of drainage holes at the bottom to let the water .

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21 May 2014. 5. Recycled plastic bottles as Herbs & Flower Pots. Plastic is our biggest enemy and keep in mind to not throw it away and recycle as much as possible. You can paint them or just let them transparent, cut or use an entire bottle, either way you can definitely use plastic bottles as flower pots.

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29 Oct 2013. Plastic pots and packs can be recycled – don't throw them away! Fall is planting time; for pansies, perennials, trees, and shrubs, fall is the best time to plant in the south. But there is a problem. Almost every plant you purchase comes in a plastic pot. After the plant is in the ground, you are left wondering what .

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It's estimated that we each own about 39 redundant plastic plant pots and over the UK it is suggested there are over 5 million languishing in sheds and garages. Why? Because we all think that one day they might be useful and also up until now, plastic flower pots have been notoriously hard to recycle with most council .