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I am wanting to know how to go about adding a roof over my deck. The roof will be flat or a shed type of roof. I need to span 10 feet. I know that 2x6 would be the .

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Add roof to a deck? . Existing small deck. Just add a roof, screens and door. They said their budget was $4,000. I told them the material alone would be $5,000, .

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I am planning to build a 12x40 deck on the back of my house. I would like to plan ahead for a future roof over part of it. My question is how do you support the roof .

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Question about pricing. My parents have a 20Lx10w deck at a place on the beach. Not right on the water. They have gotten a quote of \000 for the addition of a roof to .

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we had a contactor build a deck. he put 4x4 post as support under the deck.. however he cut them off at the floor.. he has now added 4x4 post using metal connector to .

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I want to add a 5 X 9 gable-end roof to the front of my house over the front door/porch area. The 9' length is the side I need to attach to the existing.

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Hello, Looking for plans or guidance in building a roof on an existing deck. The house is a 1960 ranch single-story with gabled roof. The deck is a good 1.5-2.5 feet .

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Q: I’m building an addition to my truss-roofed house. The new gable roof will be perpendicular to the existing gable roof. What’s the best way to attach these two .