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We have a wealth of experience working with all sorts of customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors. We have built a reputation as a professional, reliable, top quality floor sanding service. We work with all types of wooden floors, including hard wood, soft wood and parquet. Should you have a floor that needs .

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You can give an old timber floor a big facelift by sanding it down. We show you how to use sanding machines the professionals use to get the job done. We also give you a few helpful tips on using sandpaper. Continue to step-by-step instructions. This D.I.Y. Advice is part of a series How To Sand and Seal Timber Floors .

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23 Oct 2014. howtosandafloor refinishing-hardwood-floors Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is relatively easy by contrast to parquet floors or pine. . Following these steps give you the best possible results and professional quality whilst making it as level as level can get.. Read more.

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if the timber above the tongue is less than 3mm in depth. Further sanding may cause the top layer to splinter off or to crack and may leave the boards loose. A quick way of checking the thickness to the tongue section is by inserting a thin metal ruler into a groove. If you have manufactured floors with only a thin timber veneer .

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Hardwood floors that are cupped, damaged or covered with several layers of finish require an aggressive sanding tool to smooth them out again. This is when drum sanding is ideal. If your floors are in good condition and your goal is to lightly sand and refinish the floor, then less aggressive orbital sanding is preferred.

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A wooden floor refurbishing contractor who is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association can help you with each phase of your flooring decision, from choosing the right type of finish based on your location, lifestyle and budget, to giving you the high-quality floor sanding or refinishing that you expect, to taking care .

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18 Mar 2014. Some of the most frequent questions we get asked are about how to sand wooden floors. How To Sand Wooden Floors Like A Pro. So, we've put together this list of Q&As that will hopefully give you a hand and a good idea of what to expect if you're considering doing the job yourself.

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Refinishing hardwood floors in half the time and at half the expense of sanding. The secret is to screen. But laminated floors have only a thin layer of good-looking wood veneer over a plywood-like base. The veneer can be . . Cut in along the first wall with a high-quality brush. Use a natural .

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As trends change, Borthwick Floors™ maintains its position as a leader in the wood flooring industry. They have developed advanced methods of high quality direct staining for timber floors, a technique which has been crafted and tested since 1995, with continuing success. Borthwick Floors™ strives to keep ahead of the .

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23 Oct 2017. If you have solid hardwood floors and they're looking a little tired, there's no reason you cannot sand them instead of replacing them. Sanding hardwood. Check thickness of floor surreptitiously in places where pipes may go through the floor--radiator pipes are good locations for this. But keep in mind that .

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How to Sand Down a Timber Floorboard Floor. First use a nail punch and punch down all the nail heads to about 1 eighth of an inch below the surface. If you do not do this the nails will rip your sandpaper to pieces as it spins around. In order to sand your floors evenly and to a top quality finish you will need to make sure that .

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If you think your floor is in pretty good shape, put a 36 grit belt on the drum sander and sand a small test area, about 4' x 4' . Stop the sander and carefully inspect the area you just sanded. If that section of floor looks completely bare and .

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If you can follow instructions (and if you don't keep running to consult your handy 'friends' who think they know all about hardwood floors because they sanded one five. One sign of a high-quality resin-bond abrasive is that the belt or disc has abrasive mineral right up the edge with no chips or areas of exposed backing.

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4 Sep 2013. If you're about to refinish your hardwood floors, and you're wondering what sander to use, just please please take my word for this. You do NOT want to rent. floor had a slight bow to it. So I needed to start with something that would really tear through those high spots and get the wood all nice and flat.

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If you're not sure if your hardwood floor needs refinishing, put a few drops of water on it. If the water beads or soaks in slowly over a few minutes, you probably just need a good cleaning and polishing. However, if the water soaks in immediately, it's time for a refinish. If your floor is damaged, stained or has wax over the finish .

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18 May 2017. Eco friendly when recycled timber is used. The complete project of laying, sanding & polishing floorboards can be tricky and costly if you make mistakes. Freedom Flooring has years of experience sanding floors in Newcastle and we following a tight process to ensure we produce a high quality polished .

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the timber floor and is an area that offers a wide array of methodologies and coating systems.. the floor. These products can potentially be widely spread through the sanding process impacting on the bond between the coating and the timber. Protection . . Using a clean, good quality brush, cut in the finish around the.

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11 Jan 2016. If I had to sand a floor by hand, this would be my tool of choice, without a doubt. You can remove old varnish and wood quickly, sand right up to the edge of the floor and produce a very high quality finish. However, I'm not sure if this can be rented and to buy it knew is $550-600 (then .