can i use brock paver base on top of pressure treated wood

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How To Install Interlocking Concrete Pavers - Paver

Planning the project; Underground investigations; Excavation; Base installation; Edge Restraint installation; Screening the Bedding Sand; Layering Pavers; Cutting Pavers. You can use PVC, aluminum, concrete or pressure-treated wood. Precast. Use a 2” x 4” board to drag across the top to smooth and level the surface.

Brock PaverBase DIY Paver Installation

Brock PaverBase panels will then spread load over that base to help ensure your patio stays level and smooth for years. The instructions below are for concrete pavers in a new area. If you are using natural stone, or installing pavers over an existing concrete slab, please refer to those specific instructions on this website.

The Rehab Guide - HUD User pdf

This pub lication is available through HUD-User; you can also download a copy of this document from the HUD web. The best prevention for rot in wood is to use treated wood and to seal it periodi cally.. gered bolts through the posts to hold them together, with the top bolt 3” from the old post and the bolts spaced 6” apart.