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At the time of manufacture, siding meets or exceeds the per- formance standards set forth in ICC-ES-AC321 and has achieved code recognition under ESR-1301, CCNC 11826, APA recognition under PR-N124, and HUD recognition under HUD-MR-1318. For copies of ESR-1301, call LP Customer Support at 1-800-648- .

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Sixteen-penny nails are about the right size for spacing deck boards.. Start on one end of bent boards and straighten them as you nail or screw them to each consecutive joist.. In most cases, it's best to start with a full board on the outside edge of the deck and work toward the house so the odd board is less visible.

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26 Sep 2017. A white board, also called a dry-erase board, is a lightweight message board that has almost replaced the messy chalkboards. They are hung and used in classrooms, board rooms, kitchens and college dorms. The board is covered in a white plastic coating and when dry-erase markers are used to write on .

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That being said, when I did my parents house two years ago, I went with Hardi Board over LP SmartSide or Certinteed WeatherBoard for a few different rreasons. HB has more Ash in it than WB. HB is more fire retardant than SS. HB has the best warranty on it, as long as you get the factory applied finish on it .

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17 Aug 2011. LP Smart Siding is a composite siding material, made to work like -- and resemble -- traditional wood paneling. The installation process is the same as with any other wood paneling, with the panels held securely in place by a series of siding nails. Painting LP Smart Siding is slightly different that traditional .

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This is the eighth of 15 videos. In this video we will be installing the LP Smart Side Panels on the front and back of the shed. It may seem odd to install the LP Smart Side Panels on just the front and back walls but it is an important step and doing things in this order will make things easier as you continue. Henry explains why .

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13 Jul 2015. Contractors, watch this video to learn about the advantages of using LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products and how to install them. This video provides an over.