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23 Apr 2012. The way we do it is to screw a top plate to the bottom of the rafters. Next, fasten a stud plumb under each rafter. But you can't cut studs willy-nilly. They have to fit extra tight. If you have to pound a stud into place with a 2-pound sledge (we're assuming a concrete basement floor here, rather than a finished .

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If a client chooses to go 100% composite deck and rails, with wrapped aluminum posts we have many options to choose from. Our screened in porches are made of heavy gauge aluminum, code compliant aluminum handrail with a bottom kick plate option. The heavy gauge black screen offers transparency along with .

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As I've mentioned a few times in this article, the bottom plate of your basement walls should be pressure treated material.. To protect against a serious plumbing failure or a sump pump failure, that could lead to pools of water in your basement you can build your framed walls up on composite decking material, this will .

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WPC door, WPC outdoor floor, WPC indoor floor, WPC indoor wall plates, we are a leading and professional WPC decking plates manufacturer in China. If you are interested, please contact me: See More. STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANEL : composite building units consisting of two outer skins .

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Basement framing using composite decking under bottom plate. Framing the basement walls is very straight forward. Use traditional wall framing techniques with two slight modifications. First I recommend installing a piece of composite decking on the slab (use a Powder Actuated Tool to shoot the .

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Their was one thread that showed a guy using composite decking as the bottom plate, then treated 2x4 as a second bottom plate, then the non treated studs, with non treated top plate. I thought that was a very sound idea. Then my mind started to wander a bit. I began to think well, composite decking is very .

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Our deck is 420 sq. ft. and cost $8,500 including the planters and privacy wall. Using plastic composite decking instead of cedar or treated added substantially to the project cost, but when you figure that 15 years from now you'll be vacationing in Mexico instead of replacing the old deck, it doesn't .

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In these cases you will want to build a free standing deck frame. Proper flashing to a house frame. Mark below the door casing. 1. Carefully determine the height for the ledger—which will also be the height for all the joist framing. The top of the ledger board should be lower than the desired top of the finished deck by one .

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Underground and basement car parking is also used, mainly in city centres where high land values make this financially viable.. 4.3.1 Hollow core pre-cast units used compositely with the steel beams; 4.3.2 Steel deck with composite beams; 4.3.3 Composite beam with composite pre-cast concrete slab and topping; 4.3.4 .

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6 Apr 2011. This would include top plates, bottom plates, and at all sheathing edges. With all the rigmarole involved in using single top plates, I question whether it's truly worthwhile. In rough numbers, given a 1,800-square-foot home, a person could save about 400 lineal feet of .

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25 Jun 2007. Just purchased a hammer drill to refinish my basement. 16 p nails are cheap and are perfect to keep the bottom plate from moving. You saved me an extra trip to the hardware . . I was going to attach a ledger board for a wood deck to my concrete slab sun room. Will this technique work ok if the nails are not .

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27 Apr 2014. A sump hole with an optional sump pump at the lowest part of the basement is ideal. Use a pressure treated sole plate on these interior walls. Periodically, create breaks in the sole plate a few inches wide so in a worst case scenario the water can escape. You will put a continuous non-treated bottom plate .

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Toe-nailing or slant-driven nails are commonly used where it is not possible to drive through the side plate or top plate into the framing member, and has been historically widely used for connecting studs to the top or bottom plate, beam to plate, and rafter to plate or ridge board connections. We will 5illustrate several of .

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Zip-Up UnderDeck installs quickly and easily using just 5 components. Transforms under utilized area under a raised deck into valuable dry outdoor space for entertainment, relaxation, and storage space. Components are made from durable interlocking PVC rails, panels, and trim. Available in white and beige. See More.

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Run vertical 2x4s from the bottom plate to the existing deck. Each one will be a little different since you're following the contour of the ground with the bottom plate. Continue nailing in vertical 2x4s, 48 inches on center. Make sure to place a 2x4 where each panel seam is located . 3. Be sure to frame in an .

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5 May 2014. Rob Rosen is diving into a basement remodel, a job that involves digging out and removing a concrete slab to provide more headroom so the basement can be turned into usable living space.

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29 Jan 2003. For houses on slabs, the bottom plates of all exterior walls and interior bearing walls must be pressure treated lumber secured to the foundation. Exterior walls must have concrete-embedded anchor bolts 6 feet on center with an anchor within 12 inches from each end--in each section of bottom plate.

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FWA foundation anchors connect the foundation or basement walls to the floor system to resist out-of-plane forces imposed by soil pressure using our own Titen HD® heavy-duty screw anchor. URFP FRFP. Retrofit Foundation Plates. Foundation Anchors. The next-generation URFP and FRFP foundation plates are ideal for .

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17 Feb 2017. Stroll through any forest and you'll see how nature can make short work of massive fallen timber. Insects, UV rays, fungi, moisture--all conspire to turn that once-proud column of wood into a hollowed-out log, and then into wood chips. Nice in the forest; not so nice when it's your deck, basement exterior wall, .

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space, or basement. . 7. Water heater seismic strapping. Minimum two 3 4-inch-by-24- gauge straps required around water heaters, with 1 4-inch-by-3- inch lag . . panel fastened to both the top and bottom plates in accordance with Table . .. concrete roof deck, ferrous or copper shingles or sheets. (County .