water flowing thru the deck


Warm water is pumped from the load tank through the control valve and water flow meter to the column cap. After its temperature is measured. the water is uniformly distributed over the top packil1g deck and. as it spreads over the plates. a large thin film of water is exposed to the air stream.

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Direct the Water Properly. A proper deck drainage system removes the water from your deck without transferring all the water to a single location. By dumping large quantities of water in one location, you increase the risk of erosion or other landscape damage, as well as of pooling and damage to buildings. Rather, ensure that your drainage system promotes a level, even water flow by maintaining a constant downward grade. Use branched channels to redirect water to multiple areas.

decking that water can flow through - Outdoor Decking Floor

Thru Flow Decking is the best and safest way . The grate style surface also allows water and wind from below to pass through which helps protect your dock from . SheerGrain and Uni-Deck deck covers and . occasional cleaning with a water hose.