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To compensate for the "slippery when wet" factor, some composite decking manufacturers have added ridged surfaces or brushed grain. While this can improve the slickness associated with. Many plastic based products become too hot for you to enjoy the deck in the summer. That may not be a factor typically considered .

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"A redwood-color deck can become too hot to walk on barefoot," says Cynthia Kravitz, vice president of Phoenix Recycled Plastics. "When you hose it down,. According to Richmond, who installs plastic and composite decks, all-plastic planks seem to be a little more slippery than regular wood, whereas composites are not.

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20 Jul 2012. That said, the downside is that they do change the overall look of your deck, and whether or not this is too high a price to pay, only you can decide. If you don't like the idea of strips all over your deck, a potential solution may be to introduce non-slip strips to your deck in key areas, but not throughout. With a .

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23 May 2014. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association , 40 million decks in the United States are more than 20 years old. May is Deck Safety Month®, so we're offering the following tips to keep your deck safe and secure: Smooth Out the Surface – Exposed, loose nails are a hazard.

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1 Jan 2013. In bare feet maybe, although it's probably not too bad. I've been on decking that was so slippy it was near impossible to walk on without ending up on your back. I know which I'd prefare. dodzy's Avatar. dodzy Registered User. 06-Jan-2013 00:30 #11. "Hammer in U Nails" "Cover decking with chicken wire"

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Slippery decking posts from our gardening forum.. Does anyoneknow how to stop decking being getting slippery. I have a bridge over my. I do a lot of walking and where stiles and wooden bridges have chicken wire attached it gives a good grip on the walking boots so it should work for you too.. artjak.

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5 Ways to Stop Your Deck from Becoming a Slip and Slide - The . .. Here are five ways you can make your deck as slip-free as possible.. The purpose of most non-slip coatings is to add a bit of subtle texture to wood decks. chloride are safe to use on composite decks but may damage wood. My Deck Is Too Slippery in .

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No-slip Mats combine all-weather non-slip traction with an optional flexible hinged design so you can safely use your stairs anytime.. Used on steps. Tom B., PA on Oct 21, 2015. They worked out great on the steps I built! The steps were too slippery for my pet pig, but now he is safe!