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Up for debate: hardwood floors v. tiles that look like

8 Jan 2012. OK, so I was shopping for countertops with a friend, while we did choose a gorgeous granite for her kitchen, what stood out most in my mind from that trip was the gorgeous ceramic tiles I saw that look like wood. If you don't believe me, see if you can tell the real wood floors

Premium Soft Wood Tiles - Interlocking Foam Mats

Premium Soft Wood Tiles provide a foam floor mat that has the appearance for light oak or dark oak wood flooring. Each tile interlocks like a. 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series. reg: $3.99 sqft. $2.99 sqft. SAVE. 25%. · 5 8" Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles. reg: $2.49 sqft. $1.87 sqft. SAVE. 25%. .

Our Flooring: Solid Wood vs. Faux Wood Tile - Chris

23 Jan 2014. Through this process, we were introduced to the idea of wood tile–not technically wood–but surprisingly realistic. Intriguing! We ordered 9 different samples and were finally feeling like there was hope for us. We really love the look of wood floors–that's something we wanted. But, and maybe I'm asking too .

Lofthouse Wood Smoke Stone Effect Ceramic Tile,

To many broken tiles. .. The tiles themselves are lovely and my kitchen looks great but in every single pack 1 2 we're broken and at least 3 packs were not used because of broken tiles. . ..I've just started my home and this has put me off buying anymore tiles from you. .. Just a few to .

8 Tips for Nailing the Wood Tile Look - Little Green

13 Oct 2015. One of our local clients is replacing all of her downstairs floors this fall and requested a porcelain wood tile. As I've been looking around for her, I've been floored by the amazing options available right now! Wood tile has come SO far the past few years. photo LGN WOOD TILE.jpg. I do love the .

Wood Look Tile: 17 Distressed, Rustic, Modern

The wood look tile trend is going strong, and we've discovered some amazing design ideas for wood grain effects. Applied to porcelain and ceramic tile, the looks and styles can range from rustic, distressed, weathered and reclaimed to modern and antique, and even a parquet plank look. Most importantly, these tiles can be .

who loves their porcelain 'wood' floor

29 Jun 2012. We are redoing our kitchen and would like to use the PWT I have seen amazing looking things now where the PWT really look real. My questions are since the price varies greatly $2-$16 sq ft besides the visual what should I look for in quality or a brand. Many of these tiles are.

Hardwood v. Lookalike Tile Centsational Style

9 Jul 2013. wood lookalike tile examples.. Question friends, what do you think of all the wood lookalike tile that's available to homeowners now? As much as I adore and I . . We reviewed online comments from users and Consumer Reports sold us on this quality flooring product if anyone is interested. Just another .