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Creeping ground fire could result in the ignition of materials stored under a deck,and burning embers could ignite flammable items on top of it,and possibly even the deck. The composite lumber products are popular these days because of their ability to resist rot and their low maintenance requirements. But will they bum?

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16 Sep 2014. Included are non-fire-retardant-treated nominal 2-inch-thick redwood and cedar, a number of tropical hardwoods, and many wood- plastic-composite products that have been manufactured with fire-retardant additives. In general, solid decking performs better than hollow or channeled deck .

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in moderate fire-hazard areas. Composite decking. Composite decking is a mixture of recycled contents . It's very durable and has a high resistance to environmental weathering. It requires no sealants and is noncombustible. However, even though this material will not ignite, it will fail and melt.

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24 Dec 2015. “Dricon” or similar, for indoor wood, trusses etc; Polyurethane and fiber deck overlay makes huge flame retardant gain; Most plastic wood composite decking is hard to ignite but not fire proof. Burns like a candle once it gets hot enough. There is a new fire resistant on the .

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4 May 2009. woodwontburn - TimberSIL Glass Wood Vs. Douglas Fir, Composite Decking, Vinyl Siding & Asphalt Shingles. TimberSIL glass wood is approved by the California State Fire Marshal as an Ignition Resistant Martial and is Listed as WUI Compliance hand book. TimberSIL also defends .

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Fire resistance data on exposed wood beams and columns are plentiful, but few studies have been done on exposed. timber decks were tested as part of an initial effort to verify procedures for establishing fire resistance . .. composite rim boards, the estimated failure times for the 55-mm-thick solid wood deck are 72 min.

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Fire resistance rating values are important if you are building a deck made of wood or composite materials wherever you live. But not essential. Unless that is, if you live in California. And you are using a composite decking board. I am going to discuss to types of materials and how they stack up when it comes to fire for wood .

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For decking and stair treads, use exterior fire-retardant-treated wood, minimum 3-inch nominal thickness, or brick or concrete pavers and a suitable drainage mat over. to heavy timber decking when exposed to flames and heat, FEMA does not recommend the use of plastic or composite decking in high Fire Severity Zones.

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Several Mataverde hardwood decking and siding species were recently tested for their performance in flame, smoke and fire testing. Mataverde hardwood, Mataverde hardwood and FSC® Certified Mataverde Machiche hardwood all surpassed the rigorous E84 fire test criteria earning them a 'Class A' fire rating .