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Refinishing a composite deck is now possible, but with varying results—Normally if it gets too tough looking you replace the decking. 5 years from now, your composite deck will look like a 5-year-old composite deck—with scratches and stains. When you attempt to change a board or two–it is more than likely that the new .

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4 May 2016. Regardless of whether or not you have a wood deck or a composite deck, you should never underestimate the power of proper deck cleaning for your. Instead of investing in a deck cleaner, you now need to consider a deck restorer, like decking oil or a stain for treated wood decking .


Pour N Restore is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, biodegradable phosphate free deck stain remover that penetrates deep into the composite deck and removes oil and other stains without scrubbing. Pour N Restore oil Deck spot cleaner requires no rinsing. Once Pour N Restore dries to a powder simply sweep it .

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After their introduction several years ago, composite decks became a popular alternative to wood decks. Though the product was hailed as “no” or “low” maintenance, many homeowners report disappointment with the composite material, citing excessive fading, difficulty removing stains and the material's susceptibility to .

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18 Mar 2014. UV exposure can cause a photochemical breakdown of the polymers used to manufacture composite decking. Over time, some decking surfaces erode enough that they can be easily gouged out with a fingernail. While decking manufacturers have made improvements to their products that provide .

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Prior to application of Composite Deck Protector, clean deck with PSC Composite Deck Restorer. Surfaces to be treated should be clean and dry before application of Composite Deck Protector to ensure good penetration. Surface & Air Temperatures Surface and air temperatures should be at least 40°F and less than .

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Angie Says: May 22nd, 2010 at 6:24 am. I used Corte-Clean on my new Saddle accents deck. I agree w Chuck from statement above. It faded the deck FAR too quickly and I am now looking for something to restore the color. I sell composite decks, so I do not think I will advise customers to use this cleaner.

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22 Feb 2017. Choose a purpose-designed composite decking cleaner that will penetrate the wood for a deep clean both upon and Inside the grain of the wood.. You can prevent this and also restore the wood's appearance more effectively by using an appropriate composite decking care product after cleaning your .

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Composite deck boards made of 75 percent wood fiber and 25 percent polypropylene are surprisingly wood-like in looks and performance. You can paint, stain, or nail through them . .. ArmorRenew Deck Paint & Concrete Patio Resurfacer restores your old deck or patio to better than new. It's textured so hides imperfections .