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Sample colors of DeckRite DeckRite Exterior floor covering - low maintenance balconies, railings, walkways, sun porches, pool decks, vinyl decking, plastic decking, .

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Claystone Marble New Claystone Marble TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, Burnt Quartz New Burnt Quartz. Sierra Cream, Limestone. Pebble Grey Stone, Pebble Tan Stone. Garden Brown, Slate Grey. Dove Grey, Marble Grey. Sahara Brown, Granite Grey. Mist .

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ULTRA SUPREME CHIP SERIES. Width: 72 inches. Overall thickness: 60 mils. Backing Type: Woven Polyester Scrim. Color swatch of Duradek Supreme Chip Granite vinyl: Granite. Color swatch of Duradek Supreme Chip Sonoma vinyl: Sonoma. Color swatch of Duradek Supreme Chip Taupe vinyl: Taupe .

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features - “Durable Deck” is a vinyl deck covering specially designed to be installed on top of your existing wood or concrete . . are gray and brown. 10-year limited warranty. The structural lumber decking system is a fiberglass reinforced HDPE. The strongest of the three “Carefree” building. color - almond • granite • oyster.

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DeckRite Canada Vinyl Sundecks. Seafoam Green. Sierra Cream. Tropical Tan. Limestone. Pebble Grey Stone. Pebble Tan Stone. Garden Brown. Slate Grey. Dove Grey. Marble Grey. Sahara Brown. Granite Grey. Mist. Premier Colonial Grey. Premier Aggregate Grey. Premier Aggregate Tan. Premier Grey. Premier Beige.