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14 Nov 2013. Most of the major decking brands, such as and Latitudes , now offer railing systems that match or complement their. You can purchase top and bottom rails, and for infill, use horizontal cable, solid glass panels, or balusters in a variety of materials—man-made-composite, .

Wood or Plastic Deck Railing - Pros and Cons of Each

15 May 2014. When you go to build a deck, one of the most important decisions you will make will be the style and materials used for your deck railing. Not only do. Compared to wooden deck railing, plastic deck railing is considerably more expensive, which may be a deal breaker for a lot of homeowners. It will also .

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5 Nov 2013. One of the most important decisions you will ever make when choosing your cable railing is selecting the correct hand railing and cable railing post material for your environment. Although the cables and fittings are usually made from stainless steel, the choices are many for post materials. With so many .

The Major Benefits Of Using An Aluminum Deck Railing

30 May 2013. Delivering one of the most weather-resistant materials available today, aluminum can easily withstand any environmental elements, including rain, snow,. On the other side, although aluminum is more expensive than wood, it doesn't require any of the costly and time-consuming maintenance tasks that a .

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The two most common sizes of treated decking are 2 x 6s , and 5 4 x 6-in. planks . Occasionally 2 x 4s are used, but typically only on small decks or railings. The downside of PT lumber is that it's not very dimensionally stable, so it has a tendency to crack, .

Is Stainless Steel Railing Better Or Aluminum

28 Mar 2016. Before choosing stainless steel railings or aluminum railings,we need to know the property of the materials of these two guardrails. The general differences between steel railing and aluminum railing are as follows. 1.The price:stainless steel guardrail is more expensive than aluminum guardrail. 2.

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24 Mar 2017. When pricing the materials, be sure to figure in the cost of railings, stairs, and supporting structure as well as the planks under foot.. Most is pressure-treated pine, but more expensive options include cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods.. Cons: It's expensive, and no one would mistake it for wood.

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19 Mar 2012. Because the cost of the fittings often drives the price, relatively short runs of railing with lots of fittings are significantly more expensive than those with longer runs.. Maintenance requirements for the rail frame depend on the material; many kits use metal, such as powder-coated aluminum. Panels can be .

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The best option for outdoor railings is pressure treated pine or fir, although cedar and redwood are two other options albeit far more expensive.. The cost of vinyl railing materials is comparable to the less expensive type of softwood, although because there are many manufacturers of it, it is likely to be cheaper than any of .

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Wood Deck Railing. Wood is the most traditional material for decks and deck railing designs. It is one of the most customizable materials available for your deck designs. By using different. the life of your railing. Because mahogany isn't locally sourced, it will be more expensive with an average cost of $28 per square foot.

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See railing codes if you want to know more. Fortunately, most of the railings shown here use manufactured components that automatically create railings to meet national and local codes. Before you choose, you'll also want to learn how expensive the railing will be, how difficult it will be to install, .

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29 Dec 2016. If you want to compare vinyl vs. aluminum fencing, you will need to learn about the pros and cons of each material so that you can figure out which best suits your needs.. Although commercial and industrial designs of aluminum fences offer more strength than residential versions, they are also less stylish.

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13 Aug 2015. It's generally recommended that the spacing between the posts be no more than 5 ft although some manufacturers require 3 ft to the center.. And speaking of cost, the price of cable railing varies based on a series of factors such as the type of material used, the supplies and tools needed and labor.

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Choosing the right material for your railing is critical. Don't just go with the status quo, get creative and be unique by viewing DecksDirect's Deck Railing Guide on Railing Materials.. easy to install, low maintenance, customizable. Cons: more expensive than wood, not child-friendly, may not meet code in certain areas .

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From wood deck, wrought iron, lattice panels, and steel cable to glass panels, knee walls, and more, we have plenty of railing ideas for you to explore. Easy calculations, installation tips, and. hand rails on front porch. Porch hand rails. See all of your options for porch hand rails and materials - great photo examples too.