composite decking vs treated wood

Wood, Composite, or PVC: A Guide to Choosing

20 Sep 2013. In addition to its aesthetic value, cedar is also a light wood, meaning that your deck builder or craftsman may be able to create much more elaborate and detailed shapes and constructions than with an option such as composite wood. It's two times more expensive than pressure-treated wood, so make sure .

Cost Comparison Wood vs. Composite Decking

24 Apr 2017. Cost Comparison Wood vs.. Including professional installation, wood decking can cost anywhere from $10 to $24 per square foot, while composite decking costs around $20 per square foot according to CostHelper. A large. Yellow southern pine is pressure treated for the purpose of use in decking.

How to Choose Between Composite and Wood Decking

Both composite and wood decking require framing with treated wood floor joists to support the decking. The spacing of the floor joists for a deck. be of interest to you and your readers. Wood Vs. Composite ricksfencing blog wood-vs-composite-which-is-better Hope this helps some of you with your decision!