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The most durable paint and primer products extend the life of an exterior paint job, keep a home or commercial property looking freshly painted for years, and offer superior protection from the elements – benefits that anyone can appreciate.

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Most durable exterior paint - Answers - The Most Trusted Place for ,Exterior paint was not formulated for indoor use. Not only do exterior paints not wear and touch up as well under indoor use and abuse , but exterior ,

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A brief summary of specific durable types of paint that can be used for a variety of interior house painting applications. Varnish. This clear coating dries to a hard, tough, glossy shell which is resistant to moisture. Ideal for natural-grained look of woodwork, interior and exterior. Enamel

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But sheen is just as important. Simply put, sheen is a measurement of a paint’s gloss or shine. The amount of light a finish reflects can make your color look dramatically different. In addition, sheen can actually affect the performance of the paint. The categories are the same for both interior and exterior applications. Flat Paint

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The most durable paint for wear is an oil-based paint, however it does not hold up to the sun well, so usually an acrylic paint is used instead. Most acrylic paints have very … good durability to wear but do tend to show some pilling anyhere it's touched often.

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First, they contain more resin so that they are more durable and highly moisture-resistant. Second, most also have more pigment, the ingredient that gives paint its color. According to most paint pros, you get what you pay for in exterior paint. If you paint new or sanded wood, apply a primer. Latex primer is $8 to $16 per gallon.

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