using railing road ties in playground areas

I made a sandbox out of 4 railroad ties at 8 ft long each .

Best Answer: You really need to reconsider using the railroad ties in this manner. I've built playground equipment, and pressure treated lumber wasn't really safe until just a few years ago for playgrounds. Consider using landscape timbers or other kind of pressure treated wood. You can get plans online for free. See the below link for more ideas and for the health risks of using railroad ties.

use of treated rail road ties as borders on public playgrounds

railroad ties playground border outdoor wall panel. The word is Do NOT use railroad ties where your children are going to be playing ! Aging railroad tie playground borders pose numerous threats to children. to the soil, unlike treated borders or railroad ties due to the level of chemicals found in each of.

i want to use railroad ties to border my playground in my .

Best Answer: Old railroad ties are saturated in creosote, which is carcinogenic. Treated lumber isn't much healthier. Untreated cedar logs or 6x6 posts will last quite a while. Use the treated stuff where it won't be touched.